Rental & Sales of Mobile Elevating Work Platform

We offer rental & sales of Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts from reputable world-class brands such as JLG and Genie. Our Boom Lift fleet with a wide ranging size selection from 9m to 41m comes in both Diesel or Battery configurations as well as Straight or Articulated Boom designs. Our Scissor Lift fleet ranges from 6m to 15m and also comes in both Diesel or Battery configurations. With over 40 years in the industry, you can expect a seamless working experience with us and our machines.

Repair, Servicing & Maintenance

We have an in-house dedicated team of mechanics and craftsmen who are able to handle anything and everything when it comes to our machines. Their skillsets include welding, Together, their decades-long experience will serve you well by ensuring that our machines remain safe to operate, always. We also have a team of committed outside service mechanics who specialise in fixing minor faults that may arise during the course of your project thus ensuring that your work will never be disrupted for long.


General Machining Works 

Our skilled workers are also capable of working with large commercial vehicles such as SATS food trucks regardless of minor or major defect and have even been tasked with repair of SCDF vehicles in the past. 

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