Boom Lift

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Model Number: BL - 0325890
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Boom lifts offer huge advantages over ladders and scaffolding due to its nature of being mobile yet stable and far-reaching yet efficient. Boom lift offers tremendous advantages:

• Works ideally across a distance

• Handles rough terrain well

• Performs multiple tasks

• Increases rate of production

• Makes high reaches easy Diesel boom lifts offer fast work times and traverse uneven, rough terrain with ease making it well-suited for construction work sites as well as outdoor applications.


Electric boom lifts offer quiet, emission-free operation that are minimum requirements in many indoor projects as well as sites where there is contact with the general public. It is also able to traverse across uneven work terrain. This makes electric boom lift ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. We carry Straight boom lifts of up to 41m (135ft) and each working platform is rated at 227kg Safe Working Load. Our fleet of boom lifts are regularly replenished with newer models so you can be assured that our machines will meet the latest regulatory requirements.

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